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Ready to finish off 2022 in your way?

Join me on the 14th of November and learn my proven process ‘7 Steps To Successful Goal Setting’! We’ll dive deeper into both what holds you back and what lits you up!

Whether you want to end the year with an empty to do-list or take the last couple of weeks to rest and recharge before 2023 is here, this workshop will give you the tools and insights you need right now.


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Kind Words

I’m grateful for last nights session. Coming from someone who has done a lot of this kind of mindfulness work I can say this one was one of the most powerful I’ve experienced. A true reminder that if you don’t practice mindfulness daily you fall off the bandwagon so quickly. My mental health has been all over the place in the past 12 or so months and I’ve not been able to get myself out of this rut, not putting myself first, not filling my own cup. This is all stuff that I know so well and yet I haven’t been practicing. It was the kick up the bum I really needed!


I am grateful for Helena’s session last night. I found it quite confronting but also very inspirational and motivating.


What a night, I find goal setting really confronting. I recently had to do it for a course I am undertaking and it was focused on my professional life. I rally struggled with it and the same themes came out for me last night. I’m really good at putting every other persons needs above my own. Thank you Helena for such an insightful session. I have a bit to work through now but I’m feeling positive and excited at working towards something … for me.


Wow. What a session tonight. Thanks so much Helena. Very emotional and thought provoking.


I have to admit I forgot to do my visualisation today but I was on such a high from last night's session that it didn't matter. I even incorporated some of what you taught us into my teaching today which was amazing and my students all responded so positively which was great. Thank you again so much for your session with us last night. It was exactly what I needed at this point in my life and during this health journey I am going on. I've done plenty of courses on goal setting & mindset before but yours has resonated so much more than any others have before. It has made me keen to really implement visualisation and more specific goals into my life so thank you so much for that.


What a great confronting (in a good way) night!! So amazing and emotional to challenge the real reason we personally are after change!!


I am so grateful for last nights session. It was really hard for me as we are a sweep it under the rug family and I think I am realising that might be why I eat the way I eat, I am grateful for Helena and everyone, as this all had to help right!! I am proud of myself because after something emotional like that I would eat and drink to deal with my emotions and I have not, I have kept on track I am looking forward seeing my results as I'm already feeling just better in myself!


Tonight's session was very eye opening. I can't wait to start using the techniques to help me set and achieve my goals


What a workshop, thank you everyone for sharing and being so supportive, it was confronting yet powerful, and Today is my new start... Hi I'm Bronwyn and I am important and valuable, my needs matter, and I'm going to cheer myself on like I do for everyone in my life.


Grateful for Helena’s session last night, it was absolutely awesome.


Hi, I'm Helena!

I’m a Mindset & Transformational Coach who loves helping people understand the impact of working on their self-identity and emotional health, so that they can show up powerfully and authentically in their business – and life!

My why is the feeling of freedom.
For me, and for you.
To inspire others to feel free from must’s, should’s, have to’s, bagage, shame, guilt, masks and limiting beliefs. 

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This workshop helps you understand yourself on a deeper level and gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals.